Can you tell us something more about their health? Ok. Most people first realize that they're not so young anymore when they hit their 40s. The belly laps over the belt, knees creak, and hair shades to gray vision becomes less acute, strength is sapped, and it's harder to remember names. The sad reality is that this isn't the start of aging. The physical decline begins much earlier, often in the 20s. Even more depressing is that these changes are normal. That's true. People in their 40s often have the above symptoms. th But there's plenty of good news about turning 40 now. Today's 40-year-olds are much healthier than their parents were at the same age. Deaths from heart disease in the 35-to-44 age group have dropped by more than 50% since the 1970s' cancer deaths, by one third. Forty-year-olds are much less likely to have high blood pressure. The result is that typical 45-year-olds take a little longer to remember someone's name or where they put the car keys.