嗨!您能解释一下“Excuse me”和“Sorry”的区别吗?如何正确的使用?



在很多情况下,“Excuse me”和“Sorry”都是合适的。

为了引起某人的注意To get someone’s attention

例如,你可以用“Excuse me”或“Sorry”礼貌地引起某人的注意。你可以说:

Excuse me, do you know where the Metro is?
Sorry, do you happen to have the time?

但是当和陌生人说话时,“Excuse me”更常见。

打断别人To interrupt someone

我们也可以用“Excuse me”和“Sorry”来礼貌地打断某人或某人的请求或告诉他们某事。如:

Excuse me, everyone, the meeting is starting in five minutes.
Sorry, Shelly, can I get your opinion on a gift idea?



叫某人移动 To ask someone to move

“Excuse me”和“Sorry”也可以用来礼貌地请别人走开,这样我们就可以从他们身边走过,或者为撞到别人而道歉。可以这样说:

Excuse me, may I please get past? Thanks!
Sorry about that. It’s really crowded in here!

048.com_【官方首页】-澳门威尼斯人当我们犯了一个小错误时,你会听到人说,“Sorry about that”,这是一种常见的表达“I’m sorry”的方式。

请别人重复 To ask someone to repeat

当我们需要别人重复他们说过的话时,我们会用“Excuse me”和“Sorry”。比如:

Sorry, I didn’t hear that. Can you say it again?
Excuse me, can you speak a little louder? We can’t hear you in the back of the room.


我很抱歉 I’m sorry

我们用“I’m sorry”来表示:

  • 告诉某人我们对自己做过的对他有不良影响的事情感到后悔。

    I’m so sorry for damaging your camera.

  • 分享不愉快的消息。

    I’m sorry but all the rooms this weekend are taken.

  • 拒绝提供或要求。

    Sorry but I won't make it to dinner. I have to work late!

Excuse me

我们用" Excuse me "来表示:

  • 礼貌地告诉别人我们要离开一个地方。

    Excuse me for a minute. I need to make a phone call.


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