押题4 乘客可以在地铁上吃喝吗?
Recently in many cities, such as Shanghai, Nanjing and Wuhan, passengers are not allowed to eat or drink on subways, and violators shall be fined. Should food and drinks be permitted on subways? The debate has been raging in China for a long time. Governments and passengers show different attitudes. Read carefully the opinions from both sides and write your response in about 200 words, in which you should first summarize briefly the opinions from both sides and give your views on the issue.
Marks will be awarded for content relevance, content sufficiency, organization and language quality. Failure to follow the above instructions may result in a loss of marks.
Should Passengers Eat and Drink on Subways?
In recent years, eating and drinking on subways has been found more and more common, which has triggered many problems. Thus, some cities forbid passengers doing this and violators will be fined. Along with this new regulation comes a raging debate where two opposite attitudes have been shown. Some believe that eating and drinking doesn’t have direct relation to the safety of the subway operation and does not violate any laws and regulations. Others want to curb this behavior so as to make the public environment clean and tidy.
As far as I am concerned, eating and drinking on the subway is indeed not a proper behavior, but it is also not reasonable to deprive citizens of that right. On the one hand, eating and drinking on the subway should be discouraged. The government should attach more importance to educating citizens and appeal for cultivated and eco-friendly behavior on public transportation. Announcement and posters could be used to encourage people to create a better environment. On the other hand, it is every citizen’s legal right to eat and no one can deprive them of that. With regard to the pregnant, the elderly, the sick and the weak, the government can allocate special room for them to eat and drink inside the subway. 
In conclusion, the behavior of eating and drinking on subways should be discouraged, but the right of certain people should be protected.